The Indian concept of Birth Star

Prof (Dr.) N. K. Sundareswaran is a Sanskrit scholar of International repute. He is a specialist in Vedic studies and Indian mathematics. Teaches Sanskrit literary theory in the University of Calicut . He has many books to his credit. Also edited many works. “Kerala school of mathematics : Trajectories and Impact” and “Utsavah sudhiyamalam” (उत्सवः सुधियामलम्) are two of his recent books. He writes in Sanskrit, English and Malayalam. He has travelled widely. He has learnt Veda in the traditional system. His Vedashakha is KRISHNA YAJURVEDA.

Dr. N K Sundareswaran

Professor, Dept of Sanskrit
University of Calicut,
Kerala, India

In this talk Prof. Sundareswaran introduces the topic of birth star in the Indian perspective. It should be noted, when he says that Nakshatra is relatively static in the sky, that ancient Indians were well aware of diurnal rotation of the earth at least from 5th century Christian Era when Aryabhata wrote Aryabhateeyam. But for all practical purposes our mundane experience (world as is perceived ) was accepted.