Chenda Melam

A “Chenda Melam” means percussion using Chenda.

The Chenda is used as a percussion instrument for almost all Kerala art forms like Kathakali, Kodiyattam, Theyyam etc. Chenda melam is the most popular form in Kerala, for more than 300 years. A Chenda melam is an integral part of all festivals in Kerala. There are 7 types of “melangal” viz Panchari melam, Champa, Chempada, Adantha, Anchadatha, Druvam and Pandi melam. The earlier 6 melams are called “Chempada melangal”. Other than these seven “melams” two more melams are there in Kerala “Navam” and “Kalpam”

Sukapuram Radhakrishnan

Sukapuram Radhakrishnan is a renowed Thayambaka maestro. 



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