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Our motto is “Classical Literature for All.” Our mission is to show Sanskrit literature in a different way to the whole world.

This web site is a free educational resource, ensuring that anyone who has an interest in Sanskrit will have an opportunity to learn.

Among other things, we provide performances and recitations of Sanskrit poems and plays, with translations in contemporary Indian and global languages.

Scholars, artists, teachers, and experts in India and around the world have joined with us to bring Sanskrit literature to you.

ResaResa Foundation introduces classical literature in music performances and dramatizations. Our first project is Kalidasa’s “Meghadootam.” We present the text of Kalidasa’s poem in Malayalam, Tamil and English
Our aim is to showcase the beauty of Sanskrit in a manner that is accessible to everyone. The short video lectures and discussions presented here will introduce Sanskrit language and the art associated with it, beginning basically and working up.
ResaResa provides popular sayings in Sanskrit. These sayings, proverbs, mottoes, etc.,  appear in the emblems of institutions like Universities and government bureaus, but in many cases their sources, context, and meanings have been lost. Our “Words of Wisdom” restore this information to these important statements.

Meghadootham Malayalam Part 1

Meghadootham English Part 1

Meghadootham Tamil Part 1

Yoga Part 1

Yoga Part 1

Yoga Part 1 Swami Aswathi Thirunal Head of Ekalavyashrams Kerala, India

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Ayurveda Part 1

Ayurveda Part 1

An interview about Ayurveda Dr. Renjith BAMS, MA, MD Chief Physician & Director Arsha Ayurveda Hospital, Trivandrum

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